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Ophelia health literacy toolkit, manual, templates and resources available online!

The Ophelia approach provides a method and supportive tools that organisations, communities and projects can use to systematically identify and respond to local issues of access and engagement. The Ophelia Manual provides a step-by-step guide to using the Ophelia approach. It is the first in a series of three documents.

The Ophelia Manual contains:

  • An overview of the three phases of the Ophelia approach
  • a detailed description of steps and activities involved in each phase, and
  • suggestions for implementation of these activities including indicative time frames for each step.

Within this Manual you will find case studies and examples describing how the Ophelia approach can be used in different settings.

The manual is supported by an Ophelia Templates and Additional Resources document that provides supporting tools, templates, and examples.

The background document Ophelia Toolkit provides an overview of the Ophelia approach, as well as key definitions and issues relating to health equity, health literacy, and health service and information access. It offers background reading that will assist you to effectively engage in activities to address local issues of concern.

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